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General questions

Questions about wall decoration

Questions about motorbike- and bicycle stickers


General questions

Did I not get what I ordered?

Should this happen, please contact us by all means, and we will solve your problem with the greatest flexibilty.


What is the background colour?

The colour of the background will not be a part of your sticker, it will only help you select the appropriate colour. It is worth selecting the basic colour here (the colour of the car, motorbike, bicycle, wall), which will make the selection of the colour easier.


What is the red X on grey background that can be seen at the end of the colour scale, in the colour selection window?

The last colour selection option is „blank, no colour” in the product colour settings, which means that the colour of the base will be seen in this part. In case you would like a two-colour decoration to be made of one colour only, choose the „blank, no colour” option for one of the colours, and your decoration will be made of one colour only.


Why can’t I select eg. black, brown and the darker shades of colours in the background colour selection window?

You can shift the colours towards black using the slider next to the background colour selection window.


Do I have to stick the letters, patterns one by one?

No. There is a transfer foil on all of our stickers, which will help you with the sticking. You have to peel it off the surface after sticking so that only the required pattern, text will remain on the surface.

Questions about wall decoration

On what kind of surfaces can we apply the wall decoration?

It can be stuck on painted walls, sawdust wallpaper or any other wallpaper, tiles, or on any surface where the adhesion of the foil is suitable. It may adhere harder when stuck on sawdust wallpaper or on rough surfaces (which can be a problem if we peel off the transfer foil after sticking) but it does not mean that our wall decoration will not be durable.

Can we apply the wall decoration outdoors?

No. All the decorations within the category of wall decorations are specifically meant for indoor use. They would not be durable outdoors due to their weak adhesive power.


"Bright outdoor stickers”- are they suitable for decorating walls outdoors?

No. The outdoor design is not suitable for durable decorations on outdoor walls. You can stick this foil type on eg. shop windows, cars, boards or on any other surface to which the foil adheres properly. We make outdoor self-adhesive decorations from bright foil.


How to stick the wall decorations?

They are easy to stick, anybody can do it with a little handicraft. We send a detailed sticking guide for each product. (CLICK! Sticking guide)


How to remove wall decorations?

You simply have to start to remove the decoration with a paper-knife at its edge, and peel it off carefully and slowly, lying it against the wall if possible. I do not recommend warming the decoration with a hair drier, as a layer of glue may remain there more easily. However, in case it is difficult to peel it off for some reason, you can try that method, too. If some glue remains stuck on the wall, you can wash it off with some white spirit that you can get in paint shops.


Can wall decorations damage painted walls?

Our wall decorations are made of a material that is specially developed for this purpose. We use a transfer foil that is recommended by the manufacturer to help with the sticking. To minimize the chance of any damage, remove the transfer foil slowly and by lying it against the wall.


The wall decoration can be removed, but it greatly depends on the quality of the surface. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for any damage that is done to painted walls which are not prepared properly.


Questions about motorbike- and bicycle stickers

Do the prices of stickers apply to pieces or pairs?

The amount that can be seen in the colouring window will be ordered in each case.


How do I know in what size the selected sticker will be made?

The sizes can be found at the bottom of the product sheet, or they can be selected in the size drop down menu. The sizes are meant in centimetre, and we always give the overall dimension, by which we understand the (widest x highest) points of the decoration. CLICK!!! (Measuring)

Can the stickers be varnished?

The stickers can be varnished with water-based varnish. The result of using solvent-based varnish is vexed. It is often used, but it is not successful in all cases due to personal and technical conditions. Without previous experience you are recommended to make trial-varnishing. On request I will send some test materials. MS 2K varnish seems to the the best without dilution and blown in several thin layers.
We cannot reimburse damage caused by varnishing. Please do varnishing at your own peril.


Can I apply stickers using water?

Yes, you can. The foils are suitable for it, but be prepared that after sticking directly, the foil will not adhere properly. It will be 100% strong only after 24-48 hours. We do not recommend sticking using water in case of varnishing. We do not recommend it for stickers with letters of smaller size on them, or in case of unsmooth surfaces either. When the water dries up, the foil will adhere properly again.

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