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Data Management Policy


The purpose of this Data Management Policy is to explain how our company uses your collected personal, and other data, if you fill out the Data Inquiry Sheet document on person, or what you give using our company’s website/webshop.

This Data Management Policy is the second annex of our company’s Privacy Policy and it concerns the use and save of the voluntarily given data for downloading the GDPR guide, for sending out the newsletter, for keeping contact, given by the visitors of the onlinedekor.hu website. Our company manages personal data by keeping these principles:

The Data Manager does not check the validity of the given data, the responsibility for its validity and correctness falls to the person giving the data. The Affected giving his/her email address also takes responsibility that on the given email address only he/she is available, only he/she uses the service, orders a product.

1./ Personal data can only be used for a given purpose, that is to exercise the law  and fulfil a responsibility. The data management always has to comply with the purpose of the data management, the collecting and the uses of the data always has to be fair and lawful.
2./ Only the kind of personal data that is allowed to be used is the kind that is necessary to complete the purpose of the data management, suitable to complete the purpose. The personal data can only be used for the appropriate rate and time to complete the purpose.
3./ The personal data can keep its quality during the data management as long as a connection with the affected can be restored. A connection can be restored if the Data Manager has the technical means which are necessary for the restoring.
4./ During the Data Management it has to be ensured that the data is accurate, correct, - if it is necessary for the purpose of the data management – up to date, as well as the affected can only be identified until the purpose of the data management is complete.

The name of the Data Manager: DEKOR-EL Kft. (in the following: Data Manager)
The address of the Data Manager: 4033 Debrecen, Budai Nagy Antal street 81.
Contacts of the Data Manager: email: info@dekorel.hu    info@onlinedekor.hu
tel: +36 (70) 618-55-30
website: onlinedekor.hu

The legal basis of the data management: According to the Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information, 5. § (1) paragraph a) point, the concerned consents:
Those concerned with Data Management: Users of the services, Customers
Consent to Data Management: The Affected and the Users of the website while filling out the Data Inquiry Sheet and during the registration especially consent to the Data Manager, that their data can be used according to this Data Management Policy.
The purpose of the Data Management: completing the service, completing the sale, contact.
The methods of Data Management: manual and automatic data management / paper and/or electronic form.

The Data Inquiry Sheet can be filled out on the onlinedekor.hu website, or directly on site of our Company, 4033 Debrecen, Budai Nagy Antal street 81., which is a voluntarily given data service. Through this service you can give the following data (which is voluntary, but necessary to use the services):

- Name - purpose: contact, identification, fulfilling of service
- Birth place and time - purpose: contact, identification, fulfilling of service (not mandatory)
- Email address “E-mail” - purpose: contact, sending information
- Phone number - purpose: contact on phone (not mandatory)

The given data is used for 5 years or until withdrawal of consent by the Affected.

Our Company can only transfer personal data for validation of legal claim to Dr. Fodor Judit personal lawyer (4034. Debrecen, Vágóhíd street 2. I, building, ground floor 4.)

There is no data transfer to abroad.

The Affected can apply to the Data Manager
a) for information about the management of personal data,
b) for correcting his/her personal data, as well as
c) for deleting, locking his/her personal data – excluding the mandatory Data Management.
At the request of the Affected, the Data Manager provides information on the managed information of the Affected, the source of them, as well as about the purpose, the legal base and the time period of the data management. If the Data Manager transfers data to a data processor, then details can be given about the name and address of the data processor, about the activity in connection with the data management. Also gives information about the details, consequences of a data management incident and the actions of troubleshooting, and – if the personal data of the Affected is transferred – the legal base and address of the transfer.

The Data Manager – if there is an inner data protection officer, then trough the data protection officer – keeps a register for the supervision of data management incidents, as well as for the purpose of giving information to those affected. This register contains the circle of the affected personal data, the circle and number of the Affected by a data management incident, the time, circumstances, consequences of the data management indecent, and the actions of troubleshooting, as well as further details of the laws on Data Management.
The Data Manager must give a written answer to the application in the shortest amount of time, but at the most in 25 days, in a clear form.
The information is free if the information seeker has not applied for the same type of information in the current year. In other cases the Data Manager can charge for expanses.

The Data Manager deletes the personal data, if
1/ its management is illegal;
2/ the Affected applies for it;
3/ it is insufficient or incorrect – and this state cannot be fixed in legal ways -, if deletion is not forbidden by law;
4/ the purpose of the data management is finished, or the time period of the storage of personal data defined by law is over;
5/ it was ordained by court or by authorities.
The affected and everybody for whom the data were transferred to must be notified about the correction, lock, mark, and deletion of the data. The notification can be left out, if it does not affect the legal interest of the Affected.
If the Data Manager does not fulfil the request of the Affected to correct, lock or delete the personal data, then within 30 days of the receivement of the application he/she offers an explanation about the factual and legal reasons of the rejection of the correction, lock or deletion of the personal data. In the case of the rejection of correction, lock, deletion of personal data, the data manager gives information to the Affected about the legal remedy and the possibilities of turning to the authorities.

The Affected can protest against the data management
a) if the data management and data transfer is only necessary to the fulfilment of the legal obligation of the Data Manager, or to the validation of legal interests of the Data Manager, data receiver or third person; except mandatory data management.
b) if the data management and data transfer is used for direct sales, for public polls or for scientific research.
c) in other cases as defined by law.

The Data Manager inspects the application of the protest in the shortest amount of time, but at the most in 15 days and decides whether it is legitimate, then gives a written explanation about the decision.

If the Data Manager decides that the protest is legitimate, then he/she stops the data managing – including the further data collecting and data transferring -, locks the data, as well as informs everybody about the protest and the necessary actions following the protest who got the protested data transferred to, and those who are obligated to act to fulfil the purpose of the protest.

If the Affected is not satisfied with the decision of the Data Manager, or if the Data Manager does not comply with the deadline, the Affected – counted from the day of the answer or from the last day of the deadline – can go to court within 30 days.

If the Affected protests against the data managing, or he/she shall have legal remedy, as well as if there is a personal data transferring offer from a third person, which is not based on the consent of the Affected, then to judge lawfully in the cases of all of the above, the personal data can be transferred to legal counsel(s).


We are asking all of the Affected/Users that if you feel like the Data Manager violated your rights of Privacy Policy, please contact us, so we can fix the accidental infringement.

Furthermore, we inform you that the Affected can go to court against the Data Manager, if his/her rights were violated. The case gets priority treatment. The lawsuit is in the jurisdiction of the court. The lawsuit can proceed on the court where the registered office of the Data Manager belongs to or by the choice of the Affected, on the court where the residence of the Affected belongs to. In the lawsuit somebody can also be a party who does not have a legal capacity anyway.

If the Data Manager causes harm by illegal data managing or by violating the Privacy Policy, he/she must reimburse the Affected. If the Data Manager causes harm by illegal data managing or by violating the Privacy Policy, the Affected can demand grievance fees. The Data Manager can be exempted of having to take responsibility for the harm and can be exempted of having to pay grievance fee if he/she proves that the harm in the personal rights of the Affected or other harms were caused by unavoidable causes outside of data managing. There is no need to pay reimbursement or grievance fee can’t be demanded if the harm or the violation of the Privacy Policy was caused by the deliberate or negligent behaviour of the Affected.

The Affected may complain, or ask for information from the Authorities:
Name: Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Address:  1125 Budapest Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.
PO Box: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.
Telephone: +36 (1) 391-1400
Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410
Website: http://naih.hu


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