Family tree with frame (1) 2415

The background color is not part of the product, it just helps in choosing the color.
The picture is an illustration
Product colour picker

10 100.- Ft (Gross price)

All the stickers in the color choosing window will be ordered.

Colour editor guide:

  • Set the colour of the wall in the background colour settings.
  • Colour the wall decoration in the product colour settings.
  • Select the size of the product.
  • Select the design of the product.
  • Select the direction of reflecting.
  • Write the amount you wish to order, then press the order button.

Frame size:

1db 20x14,5cm

2db 12x12cm

1db 18,5x23cm

1db 22,5x16,5cm

2db 18,5x28cm

1db 15,5x15,5cm

2db 22,5x15,5cm