18 mm Decorative strips

The background color is not part of the product, it just helps in choosing the color.
The picture is an illustration

250.- Ft (Gross price)

All the stickers in the color choosing window will be ordered.
Quantity discount
5 quantities 10 quantities 15 quantities
-10% -20% -30%

Colour editor guide:

  • Set the colour of the motorbike, car or bicycle in the background colour settings. This will not appear on your  sticker, but gives help in selecting the colour.
  • Colour the decoration stripe in the product colour settings.
  • Select the other features of the product.
  • Write the amount you wish to order, then press the order button.

It is worth ordering your stripes according to the elements of the bodywork, with an additional 5-centimetre safety margin at least.

The matt and bright options only apply to the UNMARKED colours. The MARKED colours will always be bright or silk gloss.