IP decal

The background color is not part of the product, it just helps in choosing the color.
The picture is an illustration

730.- Ft (Gross price)

All the stickers in the color choosing window will be ordered.

Colour editor guide:

  • Set the colour of the motorbike in the background colour settings. This will not appear on your sticker, but gives help in selecting the colour.
  • Colour the motorbike sticker in the product colour settings.
  • Select the other features of the product. You can find the sizes of the sticker in the other information section at the bottom of the page, or in the drop down menu (size).
  • Write the amount you wish to order, then press the order button.

The matt and bright options only apply to the UNMARKED colours. The MARKED colours will always be bright or silk gloss.

In case you wish to colour or order your sticker using less colours, choose the red X (blank, no colour) function in the product colour selection window.

Your order will always apply to the amount specified in the colour editor window.

This sticker is not colourable, but you can choose from fluor and reflective designs.

In case of the fluor design, the yellow, orange, red, and green colours will be made of fluorescent foil. (Its lifetime is 1-2 years, because it may fade.)

If you choose the reflective design, the white, yellow, red, green, and blue colours will be made of reflective foil.

The other colours that appear in the set of stickers will be made of primary colours.