RS 125

The background color is not part of the product, it just helps in choosing the color.
The picture is an illustration

31 400.- Ft (Gross price)

All the stickers in the color choosing window will be ordered.


Front fairing (one side): 19 x 37,5 cm

Front fairing (RS 50): 11,5 x 1,8 cm

Front fairing (lower part): 31,5 x 6,5 cm

IP: 12 x 7,8 cm

Side cover, panel: 51,7 x 43,7 xm

Tail cover, panel: 36,5 x 14 cm

Tank, stripe: 45 x 14 cm

Tank, aprilia: 6 x 3 cm

The stickers are the same as the ones in the set with the item number RS 50 (M-APR-01),but instead of 50, 125 is written.